The legacy of the wolf

Humans have always been fascinated by wolves: in myths, fairy tales and legends the wolf’s character can change between the noble life-giver and the merciless hunter. Venerated and feared, on the one hand the wolf is an enemy and competitor, on the other a selfless creature within the social network of the family.

Humans are fascinated by wolves because we are so similar. The name Domaine La Louvière is inseparably associated with the wolf. In days of old wolves gathered on the foothills of the Pyrenees to watch the countryside and pick up the scent for the hunt. The vineyards of the Domaine now cover these gathering sites for wolves – the Louvière.

Domaine La Louvière

Domaine La Louvière lies at the foot of the Pyrenees about 30 kilometres southwest of the imposing fortress town of Carcassonne in the Malepère region. This harsh and original landscape is characterised by a unique microclimate: alternately pampered by the warm breeze of the Mediterranean and tested by the cool influence of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees, the grapes ripen in climatic tension. The soil here is another special feature of the terroir, responsible for the less than flattering name of Malepère (literally ‘poor stone’): clay, sandstone and limestone as well as large boulders. It ensures a special mineralisation of the vines and has an enormous heat-storage potential – protecting the vines on cool nights. And the stony, hard-to-work land offers another advantage: at Domaine La Louvière we still do real manual work.


“Our team are German, Swiss and French – differing nationalities and horizons, closely affiliated through their love of wine and a shared aim: making the Domaine La Louvière a leader in quality and sustainability.”

Nicolas Grohe, Managing Director

“I love the high quality demands of the Domaine La Louvière and I am convinced that only the very best quality can succeed. For me, wine is much more than just another commodity – it is my passion.”

Thore Könnecke, Sales Manager and Oenologist

AOP Malepère

Between Heaven and Sea

In the last years, the small wine-growing region, Malepère, situated in the thousand year old cultural landscape of the Languedoc-Roussillon, has gained a remarkable reputation. Here are growing several vine varieties, which typically do not like the heat of the Mediterranean coast and prosper particularly well in under climate of the Malepère: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, as well as, classic varieties from the Bordeaux region, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc und Merlot. The roots of the vines have to fight through the rocky ground, full of the “bad stones” – of the “male pierre” – and this struggle is the reason why our wines are of genuine greatness and elegance.

Efforts, climate and experience

The quality of the Domaine La Louvières wines is already fostered by our work in the vineyards. It includes a careful handling of the vines, the consideration of climatic and natural conditions of the terroir and a consistent decrease of the harvested quantity to maximum 50 hectoliter / hectare. This is how we pull out the full potential of our grapes. Our experienced cellar master is able to press the grapes and create a wine with its own distinct character. For example fruity white wine with residual acid or full-bodied red wines that have ripened in oak barrels and a long-term cellar potential of four to ten years.

Traditional methods and advanced technology

The Domaine La Louvière uses an oak barrel cellar and a stainless steel cellar equipped with state of the art technology. The steel tanks are temperature-controlled and responding to the highest hygienic standards. A careful handling of our precious grapes and our high quality standards are supported by a careful blend of traditional methods and advanced technology.

our full collection

les plaisirs

Fruity white wines with refined residual acid and red wines marked by the terroir and full of character tempt you with classic charm. The harsh climate of the Pyrenees, the vintner’s knowledge and the special properties of the grape varieties come together in our masculine wines.

les tentations

Grapes from selected vineyards are pressed and matured by experienced cellar masters to create excellent wines with a feminine touch and a very special demanding character of their own. Depending on the requirements, the use of barrique barrels or a longer storage period in bottles contributes towards the wines’ characters and give them their very special aesthetic.

les péchés

La Souveraine and L’Empereur: only these two excellent wines are awarded top status in our range and form the ruling pair of the Domaine. These wines are only created in vintages that are particularly suitable. The grapes grow in the best locations and are also subject to strict selection. Maturation in the barrique barrels (made of Allier oak from central French) is carried out with great care and under permanent observation – this is how legends are created.

les plaisirs

Le Libertin

Sauvignon Blanc

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Le Galant


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Le Marquis

Cabernet Franc, Merlot,
Malbec | 2013

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Le Coquin


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Les tentations

La Maîtresse

Cabernet Franc, Merlot
Malbec | 2011

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La Séductrice

Merlot, Cabernet Franc,
Malbec | 2011

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les péchés

La Souveraine


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L’ Empereur

Merlot, Cabernet Franc,
Malbec | 2009

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les perles


Crémant de Limoux

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Crémant de Limoux

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Wine tasting facing the Pyrenees

Every Thursday from June to September, we are inviting you for a discovery walk through our vineyards. The walk will go through the vineyards of the Malepère facing the Pyrenees. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday morning at 10 am at the Domaine. Please make sure to take adapted shoes with you. Of course, after the effort ... some comfort. A tasting of our wines will be offered to conclude the morning. The tour and tasting lasts about 2 hours and is free. For additional information or reservation, please call: +33 4 68 20 71 55 or +33 6 07 64 06 01.

Kitchen Guerilla meets Domaine La Louvière: WOLFSDINNER – eine kulinarische Verführung!

Die Hamburger Kitchen Guerilla kocht am 13. März einen Abend lang Gerichte, die auf der Zunge zergehen. Die Speisen sind perfekt auf unsere Weine abgestimmt und erzählen die spannende Geschichte der Wölfe von Domaine La Louvière. Lassen Sie sich ein auf dieses kulinarische Abenteuer! Mehr Infos und Anmeldung zum Dinner auf

ProWein in Düsseldorf: 23 – 25 March 2014

These wines and their labels were already creating quite a stir at our stand last year during ProWein. And since then, our wines have become available in eight European countries as well as in China. At the coming fair in Düsseldorf we'll be presenting our entire current collection, so you'll be able to get a perfect overview of our juicy and down-to-earth red wines, white wines and sparkling wines. We'll be very happy for a chance to get acquainted personally, and to have a lively discussion during ProWein. If you could, please telephone ahead to arrange an appointment. Contacts: Thore Könnecke +49 172 370 6287 or

Shanghai calling

Auf der ProWine Shanghai 2013 hatten die chinesischen Besucher nur mehr Augen für unsere Wölfe. Auch auf der letzten ProWein in Düsseldorf haben unsere Weine und Etiketten für großes Aufsehen am Stand gesorgt. Mittlerweile sind unsere Weine in acht europäischen Ländern und auch in China erhältlich. Bei zahlreichen Events wie zum Beispiel den jungen „Wine Vibes“ in München und Köln, bei den „Beats und Öxle“ in Freiburg sowie dem „Montreux Jazz Festival“ machten wir mit unseren Weinen ordentlich Furore. Wir freuen uns auf ein persönliches Kennenlernen bei der nächsten ProWein in Düsseldorf: 23. – 25. März 2014.


Insekten haben bei uns ein gemütliches zu Hause gefunden. Der Einsatz von Nützlingen unterstützt nämlich unsere naturnahe Arbeit, die zum Ziel hat das natürliche Gleichgewicht unserer Weinberge zu stärken. Wir sind zwar noch kein zertifizierter Bio-Betrieb, aber engagieren uns mit Hochdruck an der Umstellung. Um unsere Böden zu schonen, arbeiten wir bereits jetzt mit effektiven Mikroorganismen und sind davon überzeugt: Ein gesunder Weinberg ist die Basis für beste Traubenqualität und nur diese bringt Weine hervor, die unseren Ansprüchen genügen.

Keine faulen Sachen

2013 war ein ziemlich herausforderndes Weinjahr. Der späte Frost und heiße Sommer machten uns ziemlich nervös.

Doch dann kam alles anders! Der Frühling zeigte sich von seiner besten Seite und machte dem Sommer rechtzeitig Platz. Im Juli und August war es ziemlich heiß, doch unsere Rebstöcke hielten durch, weil sie während des langen Winters ausreichend Wasser gespeichert hatten. Die Pyrenäen-Winde prägten die Nächte im Sommer. Abwechselnd verwöhnt von der warmen Brise des Mittelmeeres und den kühleren Einflüssen des Atlantiks reiften die Trauben heran. Kein bisschen Fäulnis hat sich breit gemacht. Am 23. September starteten wir mit der Ernte. Nachts, um die Aromen in den Trauben so gut wie möglich zu erhalten. Die Lese war aufregend und anstrengend, aber am Ende waren wir so glücklich, weil wir herrlich ausgereifte und gesunde Trauben in den Keller gebracht haben. Die Grundlage für alles, was nun entsteht.